Who We Are

We are creative, hard-working, and ambitious thinkers and doers. We represent a diverse collection of backgrounds and experiences, all aligned in our desire to do the best work, deliver the best service, and create the best products for you.


Our Story

The power of our products, the skills of our people, and our innovative data-driven approach fuels the reinvention of next generation healthcare tech. Our strategy is simple: Deliver the services and products optimized to meet your business needs, supported by our modern infrastructure and workforce.

Our vision is to lead the digital convergence movement of healthcare knowledge, process expertise, and technology to fundamentally change the cost and quality of available health care services and improve the quality of human life. The Adaxa team produces consistent short and long-term results by leveraging innovative practices and a pioneering spirit in our pursuit of excellence.

Our commitment to achieve constant growth over time is supported by the diversification of our business base and a focus on entry into markets and segments that display rapid growth. The experience gained throughout this process will provide you with the technological leadership and strategic planning that will give your business a competitive advantage.

Our culture of leadership is built upon progressive methodologies including SCRUM and SAFe, allowing our people to deliver continuous value through innovative practices. Adaxa Technologies’ leadership tackles each new project as a challenge to improve existing systems. Our teams work cooperatively to employ lean ways of thinking and operating.

Our agile planning and development process revolves around the skill and talent inherent within our team of professionals. It is driven by their passion for learning and improvement. Our strategic approach ensures the most effective management and implementation of the services and operations necessary to project success.

Our Overall Mission: Be a catalyst for our customers by building agility and innovation to drive efficiency and productivity in their businesses.

Meet Our Thought Leaders

The Adaxa Technologies senior management team provides an environment where individuals are inspired to exceed client expectations for services, making us more than just a “tech only” vendor.

Executive Team

Daniel Salama
Eric Sarmany
Vice President
and Executive Creative Director
Fredrick Martin
Vice President of

Leadership Team

Eric Lavigne
Director of Software Development
Gricelis Zayas
Program Manager
Jeanette Logan
Senior Manager of Client Services

Grow With Us

Adaxa Technologies offers boundless opportunities for exceptional individuals. We are looking for creative and collaborative people who are ready to help us grow to the next level. Find your new opportunity with Adaxa at one of our office locations or through a remote work position.

Fort Lauderdale Adaxa

Fort Lauderdale

Our primary office in Fort Lauderdale is located in a bustling business district just a few miles from the beach.

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San Antonio Adaxa

San Antonio

Our Texas office is conveniently located for easy commuting and provides quick access to shops and restaurants.

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