Healthcare Technology Reinvented

Adaxa Technologies is building the next generation of healthcare tech solutions that will define innovation and performance. Our focus on the creation of growth and new opportunities for our clients and employees is fueled by our dedication to continual improvement.


Agile Methods

We employ highly adaptable project management methodology to ensure we remain responsive to evolving customer needs in healthcare technology. Our methods utilize built-in controls that result in quick turnaround times based on our customers’ schedules, not our own. We leverage the combined experience of our team to manage any challenges that may arise without missing a step toward our final goal.


Customized Service

We offer complete custom service from start to finish. Our healthcare products and services are truly all-inclusive, enabling us to provide the best quality on the market in one package. Our experts recognize the uniqueness inherent in each new project and act accordingly to adopt the organizational and operational strategies that will produce the best possible results for our clients.


Excellence Delivered

We commit to maintaining a high-performance team supported by a rewarding culture that celebrates achievement. In order to deliver service excellence to our customers, our people utilize every opportunity to freely collaborate during an organic yet agile growth and development process. We are passionate about “crafting” success and focused on delivering the highest quality healthcare technology services and solutions.


Proven Solutions

Adaxa’s products are proven healthcare tech solutions that continue to meet our clients’ most challenging business needs.


Our fully integrated, robust management information system currently powers the administration of dental benefits for Medicaid and CHIP enrollees across the nation. The best-in-class technology infrastructure allows for seamless adaptation of business processes as regulatory and consumer requirements change.


Our streamlined online credentialing application provides an intuitive, easy-to-use credentialing portal that simplifies the process of network building. This application is optimized to enhance the user experience while cutting out the inefficiencies inherent in the traditional paperwork credentialing process.


Our cutting-edge program integrity and fraud detection suite of products utilizes a custom-built analytics engine that has been developed by our Data Science Unit. This engine flags likely cases of Medicaid fraud, waste, or abuse for further investigation, and produces other predictive reports in support of program integrity activities.

Careers at Adaxa Technologies

Working at Adaxa Technologies is challenging, inspiring, and rewarding. We are looking for innovators and lifelong-learners who are ready to contribute their voices and influence a professional environment fueled by collaboration. Join us and take your career to the next level.

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Modern Approach

Adaxa has over a decade of direct experience with the technologies, data formats, and security and compliance requirements necessary to meet the complex needs of the dental insurance industry. We focus on providing customized healthcare tech solutions with built-in flexibilities that allow our clients to meet ever-changing business needs.

Our teams scour the latest industry news to stay informed about trends and innovations. We are always hungry to learn, and ready to incorporate modern practices into our workflow. Our constant improvement means our organization runs at peak performance. Our modern approach to operations cultivates a fresh perspective, and enables us to exceed all customer expectations throughout the creative process.

Delivering the services and healthcare tech solutions optimized to meet your needs.

  • We craft service excellence through organic communications processes supported by a rewarding company culture.
  • We use agile, effective project management methodologies to ensure each project stays on track according to the client’s schedule.
  • We customize our service, tailoring it to each project to provide the best quality on the market in one package.
  • We work every day to maintain our edge as an attractive employer for the best performing people